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  • 48001-1001



  • 320 × 240 LWIR resolution with interchangeable lenses and up to 8× e-zoom
  • < 50 mK @ +30°C (+86°F) NETD
  • 60 Gz gigabit ethernet connectivity (GiGE Vision and GenCam compatible)
  • -20° to 350°C (-4° to 662°F) standard temperature range
  • ±2°C or ±2% accuracy of reading
  • Built in 18mm lens (FOV: 25° x 18.8°)
  • Automatic or manual focus
  • Maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer
  • Microscopy and close-up measurement capability
  • 60 Hz frame rate


The FLIR SC325 Thermal Camera is designed from the ground-up to deliver the accurate thermographic imaging and repeatable temperature measurement necessary in demanding science and R&D applications. The uncooled microbolometer detector is maintenance-free and provides excellent long wave imaging performance. Each crisp thermal image is built from over 76,000 individual picture elements that are sampled by the camera's on-board electronics and firmware.

A built-in 25° lens with manual and auto focus is standard with optional 6°, 15°, 45°, and 90° lenses available to achieve other fields of view. Optional 100 μm, 50 μm, and 25 μm microscope optics and microscope stand are available for small target imaging and measurement.

Optically-isolated digital I/O connections eliminate communication latencies with digital in and out for shutter disable and program control along with a V-sync connector for triggering and synchronization.

The plug-and-play compatibility makes this the ideal system integration solution with universal plug and play GigE Vision and GeniCam protocols. The camera can be fully configured from the PC, allowing command, control, and collection of full frame data from the camera in real time. The SC305 is equipped with an RJ-45 gigabit ethernet connection that supplies a 16-bit 320 x 240 images at rates as high as 60 Hz along with linear temperature data (GenICam and GigE Vision compliant).

The FLIR SC325 camera is an excellent choice for those who want to work in R&D and need high frame rates but for whom 320 x 240 pixels resolution is sufficient. For those who need to use camera in R&D, it is highly recommended to use the FLIR ExaminIR software. FLIR Systems offers a complete line of accessories including optics, enclosures, data systems, and software tools to suit the most demanding applications.

FLIR SC325 Thermal Cameras Include

  • SC325 camera
  • Built in 18mm lens (FOV: 25° x 18.8°)
  • AC Power Supply
  • Operating Manual

Common applications include:

  • Electronics applications
  • Battery inspection
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Medical applications