• Applications in industrial and power environments
  • Nominal range: 30A, 300A, 3000A
  • Output: 10mV/AAC, 1mVAAC, 0.1mV/AAC
  • Analyze, measure and accurately display distorted current waveforms and harmonics
  • Large jaw window for use on cables and bus bars
  • Direct BNC connection to scope


The AEMC JM861 AC current probe has excellent transformation and low phase shift, plus a broad frequency response that permits accurate measurements of current and power. The high quality magnetic core and uniform windings provide for accurate measurements up to 3000AAC. The squared jaw permits multiple conductor or bus bar positioning. The JM861 provides excellent true RMS capabilities and reliable signal reproduction.

The JM861 is designed for oscilloscopes, waveform displaying instruments and other instruments able to benefit from its frequency response. It encompasses a special circuit and three ranges to maximize frequency response performance. The probe can analyze, measure and accurately display distorted current waveforms and harmonics.

AEMC JM861 AC Current Probe Applications

  • Field testing
  • Electrical utility
  • HVAC
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Laboratory
  • Plant maintenance
  • Power quality