• 0.05 to 1000A AC current range
  • 750VAC or 1000VDC volt measurements
  • 4000Ω resistance measurements
  • Continuity with beeper below 40Ω
  • Frequency measurements from V and A
  • 1ms peak function for fast capture of signals
  • Hold function to “freeze” readings
  • 4000-count digital display
  • 42-segment analog bargraph display
  • Diode test
  • CE Mark


The AEMC Model 511 Clamp-On Meters are built into a rugged mechanical case and are designed using quality polycarbonate materials. These meters offer a complete set of measurement ranges and are in compliance with international safety and quality standards to ensure professional and reliable measuring tools. The Model 511 has auto-ranging and provide the best measurement range and resolution for troubleshooting. It also has a high resolution 40A range. It measures AC amps, AC volts, as well as DC volts, ohms, continuity (with beeper), frequency (from V or A) and has a diode test function.

The Model 511 is sized for comfortable, one-handed operation. The tapered and hooked jaw design facilitates maneuvering in crowded wiring and breaker panels, making it easy to select conductors. The jaw opening accommodates one 750MCM cable or two 350MCM cables. The large and easy-to-read 4000-count LCD features comprehensive user information symbols, such as low battery, polarity, overload, and an analog bargraph for easy trend readings. It is equipped with a data hold function that freezes the measurement for later viewing, min/max, and a fast 1ms Peak hold function for capture of signals.

The 511 model is designed for traditional average responding electrical systems.

he AEMC Model 511 Clamp-On Meter Applications include:

  • Commercial, industrial, residential and HVAC troubleshooting
  • Power panel, junction box and battery bank monitoring
  • AC or DC motor testing
  • Power plant troubleshooting
  • Electrical testing and troubleshooting on traditional and non linear loads including adjustable speed drives and computers

he AEMC Model 511 Clamp-On Meter ships complete with:

  • Test leads, red/black with probe tips
  • 9V battery
  • Soft carrying case
  • User manual