Sperian MultiPro Gas Detector
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  • One button operation
  • Easy to read front mounted backlit display
  • Over-molded boot
  • Automatic low flow alarm
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Automatic leak test before every use
  • Black-Box recorder w/ over 40 hours of storage
  • Interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion)
  • User replaceable sensors
  • Calibration due reminder

What's in the Box

  • Operators' guide
  • Training CD-ROM
  • Clothes clip
  • Laminated quick reference guide
  • Calibration adapter
  • Tubing

The Sperian Biosystems MultiPro is the smallest and easiest to use confined space gas detector offered by Sperian Instrumentation. Extremely affordable, it is packed with features. It offers real time readings of up to 4 gases simultaneously, one-button operation including calibration, an easy to read LCD display, audible, visible and vibrating alarms, standard event logger and black box data logger, an IrDA port for easy communication with a PC, and an optional sample draw pump — all in a rugged, compact and affordable instrument.

The Sperian Biosystems MultiPro does it all, and it can be configured for your exact needs. Three sensors and up to 4 channels of detection let you monitor for any combination of O2, LEL, CO and H2S. Compatibility with the Biosystems MultiPro IQ Express Dock allows users to automate recordkeeping while significantly reducing labor and calibration gas expenses.

The Sperian Biosystems MultiPro is constructed of an engineered polycarbonate frame with a rubber overmold, making it both tough and easy to handle. Power comes from interchangeable alkaline (3AA) or rechargeable battery pack. The optional sample draw pump is controlled by the instrument and automatically tests for proper seal whenever the pump is turned on. The instrument also automatically notifies the user if a blockage is detected at the pump.


Sperian Gas Regulator
Calibration Gas Regulator (1.0 LPM)
Sperian Calibration Gas
O2 (18.0%), LEL (CH4, 50%), CO (50 ppm), H2S (25 ppm); balance N2, 58 L


Sperian MultiPro Replacement Sensors
Replacement sensors for the MultiPro


Sperian Slip in Charger
Slip in Charger (110 VAC) for the Multi-Pro
Sperian Slip-in fast charger (12 VDC)
Includes "cigarette lighter" style adapter, and vehicle mounting hardware.
Sperian Alkaline Battery Pack
MultiPro Alkaline battery pack
Sperian Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack
MultiPro Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack


Carrying cases, spare cases

Sperian MultiPro Case for Confined Space Kit
Foam lined, rugged, waterproof
Sperian MultiPro Case for Value Pack
Foam-lined case, room for one 34 liter calibration gas cylinder and a regulator


Please consider these optional accessories.

Sperian MultiPro Continuous Sample Pump
Includes 3 meters of tubing and sample probe assembly
Sperian Sample Draw / Calibration Adapter
Sample draw / calibration adapter for MultiPro
Sperian Manual Sample Draw Kit
Includes adapter, squeeze bulb, 3 meters of tubing and sample probe assembly
Sperian Infrared Communication Device
(USB - IrDA) Requires one available USB port for MultiPro
Sperian MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station
With Software, Installation Disks and Manuals. Ethernet-ready option
Sperian 17-036-10 Replacement O-rings
Kit of 10 replacement O-rings for the MultiPro Gas Detector
Sperian 56-502-10 Replacement Sensor Screens
Kit of 10 replacement Sensor Screens for the MultiPro Gas Detector
Sperian 47-030 Replacement LCD
Replacement LCD for the MultiPro Gas Detector
Sperian 10-498 Replacement LDC Holder
Replacement LDC holder for the MultiPro Gas Detector
Sperian 05-1289 Replacement Alligator Clip
Replacement alligator clip for the MultiPro Gas Detector
Sperian 22-187-FOAM-5 Isolator Panel
Isolator panel with 2 foam (kit of 5)
Sperian Screw-MP-UL-5 Replacement Screw Kit
Replacement screw kit for the MultiPro Gas Detector, UL certified
Sperian 10-450-5 Dummy Sensor with Gasket
Dummy Sensor with Gasket for the MultiPro Gas Detector (kit of 5)
Sperian 35-0644-SS-GASKET PCB Assembly
PCB assembly for the MultiPro Gas Detector
Sperian 34-078-10 Replacement Sensor Gaskets
Kit of 10 replacement sensor gaskets for the MultiPro Gas Detector