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  • FLUKE-435-II



  • Detailed loss analysis
  • Unbalance analysis
  • Troubleshoot real-time
  • Memory for up to 600 parameters
  • Fluke Connect compatible
    • Download data to PC wirelessly
  • View graphs and generate reports
  • 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated
  • Automatic Transient Mode
  • Waveform capture
  • Fully Class-A compliant
  • Mains signaling
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What's in the Box

  • Side strap
  • Hang strap
  • Battery pack
  • 8GB SD card
  • Decal set
  • Alligator clips
  • 2.5m test leads
  • 4 Flexible 6000A current probes (I430-FLEXI-TF-4PK)
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Plug adapter set
  • Safety booklet
  • Manuals (CD)
  • Soft case


The Fluke 435-II three phase power quality analyzers help locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. Additionally, these models feature revolutionary power quality and energy measurement functions that help facilities reduce electrical power consumption, and improve the performance and lifespan of electro-mechanical equipment. Below you will find brief descriptions of these new features.

Think of the Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer as your insurance policy. No matter what goes wrong in your facility, with the 435 II you will always be prepared. Equipped with advanced power quality functions and energy monetization capabilities, there is no electrical issue this model can't handle:

  • PowerWave function captures fast RMS values and allows you to see every waveform to determine how the voltage, current and frequency values are interacting.
  • Power Inverter Efficiency function measures both ac power and dc power, in and out, to monitor the efficiency of your inverters.
  • And, as with the other 430 Series II models, the 435 II features an Energy Loss Calculator that will monetize energy waste due to poor power quality, helping you save on the energy bill

Fluke's patented Unified Power Measurement system (UPM) provides the most comprehensive view of power available, measuring:

  • Parameters of Classical Power (Steinmetz 1897) and IEEE 1459-2000 Power
  • Detailed Loss Analysis
  • Unbalance Analysis

These UPM calculations are used to quantify the fiscal cost of energy loss caused by power quality issues. The calculations are computed, along with other facility-specific information, by an Energy Loss Calculator that ultimately determines how much money a facility loses due to wasted energy.

Traditionally energy savings are achieved by monitoring and targeting, or in other words, by finding the major loads in a facility and optimizing their operation. The cost of power quality could only be quantified in terms of downtime caused by lost production and damage to electrical equipment. The Unified Power Measurement (UPM) method now goes beyond this to achieve energy savings by discovering the energy waste caused by power quality issues. Using the Unified Power Measurement, Fluke's Energy Loss Calculator (see screen shot below) will determine how much money a facility is losing due to waste energy.

The Fluke 430 Series II analyzers provide three ways to analyze measurements. Cursors and zoom tools can be used "live' while taking measurements, or "off line" on stored measurement data. Additionally, the stored measurements can be transferred to a PC with the included software to perform custom analysis and create reports. Measurement data can also be exported to common spreadsheet programs. Store hundreds of measurement datasets and screen captures for use in reports (depending on memory capacity).

Pre-programmed setups and user-friendly screens make power quality testing as simple as you would expect from Fluke. The high-resolution color screen updates every 200 ms and displays waveforms and wiring diagrams color coded to industry standards. Handy on-screen wiring diagrams for all commonly used three-phase and single-phase configurations guide you through connections.

Measure true-rms, peak voltage and current, frequency, dips and swells, transients, interruptions, power and power consumption, peak demand, harmonics up to the 50th, inter-harmonics, flicker, mains signaling, inrush and unbalance.

Designed to help protect you and your equipment, the Fluke 430 Series II analyzers and accessories are all certified to meet the stringent standards for use in CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V environments such as power connections and outlets throughout a low-voltage power distribution system.

User-configurable, long-term recording of MIN, MAX and AVG readings for up to 150 parameters on all 4 phases. Enough memory is available to record 600 parameters for over a year with 10 second resolution, or capture smaller variations with resolution down to 0.25 seconds. The logger function is quickly accessed by the LOGGER button, the simple step-by-step setup makes capturing your important measurements as easy as can be.

Every time an event or voltage distortion is detected, the instrument triggers and automatically stores voltage and current waveforms on all three phases and neutral. The analyzer will also trigger when a certain current level is exceeded. Hundreds of dips, swells, interruptions and transients can be captured this way. You can see voltage transients as high as 6 kV and as fast as 5 microseconds.

The MONITOR mode delivers a dashboard display of rms voltage, harmonics, flicker, interruptions, rapid voltage changes, swells, unbalance, frequency and mains signaling. The dashboard is updated live, showing compliance of each parameter to EN50160 limits or your own limits. Color-coded bars clearly show which parameters are inside (pass) or outside (fail) limits. During a monitor session, you can easily drill down to more detail of any parameter to view and capture its trend for a report.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

The Do Everything for Power Quality

The Background: Our customer is an electrical contractor who frequently has to identify potential safety issues, determine the causes of black-outs and machine failures, or log power consumption.

The Problem: Our customer finds that with such a wide range of power analyzing needs, the equipment demands quickly become cumbersome.

The Solution: We recommended a Fluke 438-II power quality analyzer with Fluke connect, an all-in-one solution for the customer’s needs. The 438-II can log and fully troubleshoot power quality issues and capture waveform. Fluke connect capability allows easy transfer of data and waveform to wireless devices making it easy to to document and share with a customer. Fluke 438-II can also use three phase current and voltage waveforms to calculate and analyze motor torque, speed, load and efficiency; a unique capability to go one step further and troubleshoot a motor.