KPSI 330 / 335 Level Transducer
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  • Custom level ranges up to 700 ft (210m) H2O
  • UL, CUL & FM intrinsic safety approval
  • Accuracy up to ±0.05% FS
  • Analog outputs of 4-20mA or VDC
  • Welded 316SS or titanium construction
  • SuperDry vent filter moisture protection
  • ±0.0001%FS resolution
  • Two year warranty
  • IP68 rated

The KPSI 330 / 335 submersible hydrostatic level transducers include UL, CUL and FM intrinsic safety approval standard and are specifically designed to meet the rigorous environments encountered in liquid level measurement and control. The 330 / 335 models have a small bore 0.75 inch diameter They can be configured to perform to specifications under most adverse, reactive conditions.

Application include:

  • Surface water monitoring
  • Oceangraphic research
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Slub tests
  • Wave profiling
  • Soil Remediation
  • Tide gauging
KPSI Vent Filter
SuperDry Vent Filter for all KPSI level transducers
KPSI Aneroid Bellows
KPSI Aneroid Bellows for KPSI level transducers
KPSI Cable Splice Kit
Cable splice kit
KPSI 840 Junction box
Junction box with 810 SuperDry Vent Filter
KPSI 845 Junction Box
Junction box with 815 Aneroid Bellows
KPSI Spare Nose Caps
Spare nose caps for KPSI level transducers
KPSI Cable Hanger
Cable hanger for KPSI level transducers
KPSI Stainless steel tags
Stainless steel tags
KPSI Anti-Snag Cone Gland Seal
Anti-snag cone, one inch bore, gland seal
KPSI Anti-Snag Cone Overmold
Anti-snag cone, one inch bore, overmold
KPSI Mounting Clamp
Mounting Clamp, one inch bore only
FloCat STE-DISP Sensor Termination Enclosure with Display
Compatible with any manufacturer's transmitter & moisture protection method, outputs preprogrammed by Instrumart at no cost
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KPSI 50-02-2790 Line Protector
Contains a gas discharge tube which crowbars up to 20,000 ampere currents to the ground


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