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This product is an accessory for the following products:

Testo 570 Refrigeration System Analyzer Kit
Simultaneous superheating and subcooling calculations in real-time, w/ data storage
Testo 645 Humidity Meter
Long-term stable, highly accurate humidity sensor, data analysis using comSoft 3
Testo 845 Adjustable Focus Infrared Thermometer
-30 to 1750°F, 75:1 (D:S), ±0.75% accuracy, easily shifts between close focus & long distance temperature measurement

External fast charger for 1-4 AA rech. batteries, incl. 4 Ni-MH rech. batteries with individual cell charging and charge control display, incl. impulse trickle charging, integrated discharge function, with built-in international mains plug,100-240 V, 300 mA, 50/60 Hz.