• ±0.75% accuracy
  • 8 to 14μ spectral rangem
  • -30 to 1750 °F (-35 to +950 °C) temperature range
  • 0.1 °C (°C measurement parameters) resolution
  • 0.1 to 1.0 adjustable emissivity
  • Pinpoint cross hair laser sighting
  • D:S 75:1
  • Close focus 1mm@70mm
  • 100 point datalogging and PC software included
  • Available with integrated humidity module

What's in the Box

  • PC software
  • USB data transfer cable
  • Aluminium case
  • Battery
  • Calibration protocol


The Testo 845 adjustable focus IR thermometer allows you to easily shift between close focus and long distance temperature measurements with accuracy and ease. Use the Testo 845 to measure points as close as 1/4 inch, then simply slide switch for measurements across the room.

Whether close up or at a long distance, the Testo 845 gives you readings with an accuracy of 0.75% or better, plus it can also log the data points for analysis (up to 90 points). This Testo IR thermometer features a wide range of -30 to 1750 °F (-35 to +950 °C) and a spectral range of 8 to 14 µm. Other features for the Testo 845 include pinpoint laser sighting, ultra fast capabilities (100 msec), MIN/MAX values and alarm limits. A number of probes are available which plug easily into the 845 and increase the versatility of the instrument.

The Testo 845 is available with an integrated humidity module that measures 0 to 100% RH with an accuracy of ±2% RH.





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