• easyCLIMATE software
  • Perform multiple measurements simultaneously
  • Wide selection of probes
  • Operating temp. 32 to 105 °F
  • Battery life Up to 8 hours
  • Memory Up to 10,000 rdgs
Probes must be purchased separately. A wide range of probes are available as accessories.


The testo 480 IAQ Pro is the latest in cutting-edge measurement technology from testo providing the most accurate indoor climate measurements, like temperature, humidity, and airflow.

A comfortable climate is a key factor to productivity at the office, health at home, and safe storage at an industrial location. When adjustments are required, HVAC and Test and Balance professionals work to identify issues quickly, so the indoor climate is adjusted and comfortable once again.

The testo 480 can aid HVAC professionals to optimally configure systems in offices, residential locations, and industrial buildings, and record all relevant climate parameters of indoor air quality such as CO2, °F, and even light.

When taking duct measurements, the testo 480 can measure the flow within the duct and complete HVAC grid measurements so the system can be adjusted optimally.

When measuring at air outlets, the 480 can check whether a system is optimally configured and balanced, allowing the HVAC professional to take any necessary corrective measures and improve the indoor air conditioning quickly and easily.

A full line of probes are available for measuring comfort level and indoor air quality for a wide variety of different circumstances. A tripod is also available for use with the 480 for workplace evaluation.