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  • retractable mounting configuration
  • Withstands high temperature and pressure
  • Wetted materials:
    • Electrodes- 316 stainless steel
    • Body- 316 stainless steel
    • Insulator- PEEK
    • O-rings- Viton
  • Junction box: cast aluminum (not wetted), NEMA 7D
  • Temperature:
    • Standard- 302°F (150°C) max
    • High temp- 392°F (200°C) max
  • Pressure- 100 psig max


The Rosemount Analytical Model 140 sensor is a retractable contacting conductivity sensor. It can be removed from pressurized piping and vessels without shutting down the process and draining the system. The sensor is supplied complete with mounting hardware, including a 1-inch ball valve. The maximum insertion length is 5 inches (127 mm).

The sensor is available in both a low temperature (302°F (150°C)) and high temperature (392°F (200°C)) version. Both versions use 316 stainless steel electrodes with a PEEK insulator and Viton® O-rings. Wiring between the sensor and analyzer is through a junction box mounted on the back of the sensor.

Cell constants of 0.2/cm and 1.0/cm allow the sensor to cover a broad range of medium to high conductivity liquids.


This product can be used in the following applications: