Rosemount Analytical Model 228 Conductivity Sensor
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  • Rugged construction
  • Max Temp;
    • PEEK: 120°C (248°F)
    • PEEK: 200°C (392°F)
    • Tefzel: 120°C (248°F)
  • Max Pressure;
    • PEEK: 295 psig
    • Tefzel: 200 psig
  • Tolerates high vibration
  • Max cable length: 200ft
  • Integral RTD

The Model 228 is a submersion-insertion type toroidal sensor. Because it measures conductivity by inducing a current, the toroids do not need to touch the sample, but can be encased in plastic. Thus, unlike metal electrode sensors, the Model 228 sensor can be used in corrosive and dirty samples. It is also ideal for measuring high conductivity liquids.

The sensor is available in glass-filled PEEK and in filled and unfilled Tefzel®. The temperature limit is 248ºF (120ºC); although a high temperature (392ºF (200ºC)) PEEK version is available. The pressure limit for PEEK body sensors is 295 psig (2135 kPa abs) and for Tefzel body sensors is 200 psig (1480 kPa abs).

Mechanical and manual retraction assemblies that allows the sensor to be removed from the process piping without shutting down the process and draining the line is also available.

Rosemount Analytical 23294-00 Extension Cable
Unshielded interconnecting cable for 1054A, 1054B, and 2054C
Starting at
Rosemount Analytical 23291-01 Extension Cable
Unshielded interconnecting cable
Starting at
Rosemount Analytical 23294-05 Extension Cable
Shielded interconnecting cable with additional wire
Starting at
Rosemount Analytical Extension Cable
Extension cable for Model 228
Starting at
Mounting Bracket
Rosemount Analytical Mounting Adapter
Mounting Adapter, 2" Insert, CPVC, 1" FNPT Conduit Connection
Please consider these optional accessories.
Rosemount Analytical Mounting Adapter
Mounting Adapter, 1 1/2" Insertion, 1" x 3/4"
Rosemount Analytical Adapter Insert
Adapter Insert, PEEK, 1 X 3/4", for 23242-02
Rosemount Analytical 23550-00 Junction Box Remote
Junction Box, Remote, without Preamplifier
Rosemount Analytical 23242-03 Mounting Adapter
Mounting Adapter, 1 1/2" Insert, 1" Conduit Connection
Rosemount analytical 33075-00 Gasket
Viton gasket
Rosemount analytical 33075-03 Gasket
Kalrez gasket
Rosemount Analytical O-ring
2-135, EPR
Rosemount Analytical Ball Valve
Ball valve, full port, 1 1/2 FNPT
Rosemount Analytical Tag
Stainless Steel Tag
Rosemount Analytical Valve Insertion Assembly
Valve insertion assembly
Starting at
Rosemount Analytical TEFZEL Insert
TEFZEL Insert for PN 23242-03
Rosemount Analytical TEFZEL Insert
TEFZEL Insert for PN 23242-02
Rosemount Analytical 23277-01 Mounting Adapter
Foxboro, PEEK or TEFZEL, 5/8-11UNC
Starting at