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  • Teflon lined carbon steel pipe
  • Both an inductive and contacting sensors
  • Max temp: 360°F (182°C)
  • Max pressure:
    • 150# Flanges; 125 psig
    • 300# Flanges; 250 psig
  • Minimum conductivity: 500 uS/cm
  • Maximum conductivity: 2 S/cm


The Rosemount Analytical Model 222 flow-through toroidal sensor is ideal for use in viscous or fibrous liquids. No part of the sensor protrudes into the sample flow, so there is no obstruction on which solids can accumulate.

The sensor consists of a Teflon-lined® carbon steel pipe, which carries the sample, inserted through the opening of the toroid pair. Because the toroids are not immersed in the sample, the circuit around them is not complete. To complete the circuit, carbon steel contact rings on either side of the toroids couple the ionic current induced in the sample to an electronic current that travels through a wire around the outside of the toroids.

The sensor is available with either 150 or 300 lb flanges. The temperature limit is 360°F (182°C).


This product can be used in the following applications: