Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter

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  • 0.1 to 1000V auto-ranging AC & DC voltage
  • 0.1Ω to 20.00MΩ resistance range
  • Continuity buzzer and diode check
  • Non-contact detection of AC voltage
  • CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600 V
  • Compact pocket sized design
  • Auto power-off

What's in the Box

  • Batteries
  • Pouch
  • Test leads

The Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter is a convenient, compact instrument designed to measure AC current up to 200A, and perform the basic functions of a basic multimeter.

With ac and dc voltage measurements up to 1000V and resistance measurements up to 20MΩ, a non-contact voltage detection facility and a continuity buzzer with diode check, the Megger DCM330 is a truly versatile instrument. All of these features combined into a single compactinstrument eliminate the need for separate multimeter and clampmeter.

The large central range knob enables ambidextrous singlehanded use, and the separate voltage/resistance test leads can be disconnected when not in use.

The open-jaw design of the clampmeter enable simple and fast measurements to be made on single conductors up to 16mm diameter. With no moving clamp parts, the Megger DCM330 is not susceptible to dirt, grit or moisture around the cable, so is equally ideal for use in dirty trenches or trunking; or clean laboratory conditions. It provides average responding RMS values, and with the conductor(s) positioned centrally and squarely within the jaws, achieves readings of better than 3% accuracy.

The Megger DCM330 is auto-ranging on all ranges. Current measurement and the non-contact voltage sensor do not need the test leads; all other functions will require their use. The voltage detection function can identify the presence of live AC voltages from 50 V to 1000 V at 50 to 500 Hz. It is operational on any range including OFF. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled by a tone sounding and the illumination of a red LED situated below the clamp head. The Megger DCM330 is powered by 2 x AAA cells providing 250 hours of operation, and has an auto-off feature that activates after approximately 10 minutes.

The tough body provides easy and comfortable grip, providing durability while stored in a tool box or pocket. The DCM330 is designed to withstand a 1.22m (4 feet) drop without damage.

The display is a large 31⁄2 digit LCD. In difficult or awkward locations, the display can be frozen with the "HOLD" function, removed from the cable under test and read independently.

The DCM330 is suitable for use anywhere where there is a requirement to measure ac current in single unshielded conductors less than 16mm diameter, or ac/dc voltages up to 1000 V, or resistances up to 20 MΩ.

Typical applications include:

  • domestic and industrial wiring installation fault-finding
  • basic load analysis
  • equipment commissioning and maintenance
  • machinery installations

Note: The non-contact Voltfinder function is intended to identify live cables within the jaws, and is not suitable for use on shielded conductors such as armoured cable or those within or behind metallic or conductive panels, in metal conduit, etc.

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