• 1- and 2-channel intrinsic safe IPAQ-21LX/-22LX
  • 1- and 2-channel non intrinsic safe IPAQ-21L/-22L
  • Very cost effective Ex-solution
  • Fully universal, linearized and isolated
  • Accepts RTD, T/C, mV and Ω
  • Sensor error and system (sensor/transmitter) error correction for highest total accuracy
  • Full access to all features while in operation
  • NAMUR compliant
  • Consistent sensor break function


The INOR IPAQ-21LX/-22LX are 1- and 2-channel, universal, isolated 2-wire transmitters for Ex-applications. No zener barriers or Ex power supplies are needed, which reduces costs for purchase, design and maintenance. IPAQ-21L/-22L are 1- and 2-channel versions for non-Ex-applications.