• Accepts RTD, Thermocouple, mV and Ohm
  • Accuracy for Pt100: ±0.1°C
  • 50 point linearization
  • Sensor monitoring
  • PROFIBUS configuration - Up to 8 masters


The INOR PROFIPAQ-H is a universal temperature transmitter with additional voltage and resistance input. It is designed according to the latest PROFIBUS-PA standard for temperature transmitters, i.e. Profi le version 3, Class A & B.

PROFIPAQ-HX is the Intrinsically Safe version for use in hazardous areas.

Thanks to the digital output, PROFIPAQ-H/-HX offer very accurate measurements as well as sensor and process information. With double inputs, new features such as two redundant Pt100 in 3-wire connection, are available. Confi guration from a PC with INOR software or over the PROFIBUS network is possible.

The PROFIPAQ-H/-HX can be configured in two different ways:

With the INOR Windows software ProfiSoft and a direct connection from PC to the separate communication port of the transmitter. This is a time and cost saving alternative to configuration over the PROFIBUS. The configuration is made without costly PROFIBUS tools (software, interface and segment coupler). The complete set-up, including transmitter address, can be carried out before the installation in the network.

Besides normal configuration, ProfiSoft can be used for basic calibration of PROFIPAQ-H/-HX, saving of configuration files for future use and printing of configuration protocols. ProfiSoft is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT4.0, 2000 and XP. The program is menu driven and easy to learn. On-line help at the fingertip is an effective tool for all users.

The PROFIPAQ-H/-HX are designed for applications with the highest demands on accuracy and stability under severe operating conditions.

  • Low linearity and calibration errors - The combination of a highly efficient 50-point linearization and precision calibration equipment reduces these errors to a minimum (See Specifications).
  • Temperature and long-term stability - The reduction of analog circuits (digital output) and the use of quality components give excellent stability for temperature changes and over time