• Meter automatically senses plug-in transducer’s range and calibration
  • Displays 10 types of pressure units
  • Date/time stamps and stores readings on an SD card
    • Excel format for easy transfer to a PC
  • Large backlit dual LCD
  • Record/Recall MIN and MAX readings
  • Data Hold plus Auto power off with disable function
  • Zero function
  • Built-in PC interface

What's in the Box

  • 6 AA batteries
  • SD card
  • Hard carrying case


The Extech SDL700 Pressure Meter / Data logger stores 99 readings manually and 20M readings via 2G SD card and has a selectable data sampling rate of 1 to 3600 seconds.

The Issue: In a compressed air system, heated gas that is leaving a compressor requires cooling. For some reason, pressure sensors that are supposed to monitor pressure after cooling are indicating temperatures are still high.

Your gauges indicate that there's a slow leak in a pressurized system. Or, pressure sensors are giving abnormal or erratic readings. You need a portable, easy-to-transfer test instrument to record the pressure level over an extended diagnostic period to gain additional information and to document your findings.

The Solution: The new Extech SDL700 pressure meter / data logger dates, time stamps and stores readings on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to a PC. You can store 99 readings manually, or automatically record up to 20 million readings with a user-selectable sample rate of 1 to 3600 seconds (1 hour). The SDL700 accepts interchangeable transducers with ranges of 30 psi, 150 psi or 300 psi. The meter automatically senses the transducer's range and calibration. Readings are displayed on a large backlit dual LCD in 10 units of measure. Additional functions include Min/Max, Data Hold, and Auto Power Off with disable.

Transducers sold separately (For air or non-corrosive/non-ionized gas, 1/4" PS, 19 teeth per inch with 3.9 ft/1.2 m cable).


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