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  • 70LCDW1201


  • High-contrast, 4-digit LCD display with 17.8 mm/0.7 ” digits
  • No power supply needed, supplied by the transmitter
  • Also suitable for temporary measurements
  • Unlimited accuracy and stability - Values supplied by transmitter digitally
  • Display range stored in the transmitter, no calibration needed
  • Display values between -1999 and 9999
  • Rugged IP65 / NEMA 4X housing

The Inor LCD-W12 digital indicator is a high-precision LCD indicator for local measurement of process values and sensor failure monitoring. It connects directly to the communication port of our PROFIBUS transmitters, ProfIPAQ-H and ProfIPAQ-L. It can be connected and disconnected at any time. LCD-W12 communicates digitally with the transmitters and offers unlimited accuracy as well as temperature and long-term stability. There is no need for scale adjustments or calibration of the indicator. LCD-W12 is designed for field mounting on wall, pipe or DIN rail and has a rugged and splash proof housing.

The LCD-W12 indicates sensor failures (break, short-circuit and low isolation) and labels for different engineering units are included. The LCD-W12 is designed for ambient temperatures between -20 to +80 °C / -4 to +176 °F. The user has the option of Field mounting on wall, 2 " pipe or DIN-rail.