KEP 525K Adding Counter and Tachometer
This product has been retired.

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  • LED display with very high luminosity
  • 0.315" (8mm) digit height
  • 6 digit display
  • DIN housing, 1.88"x.944" (48x24mm)
  • Connection with screw terminal
  • IP65 NEMA 4X (front)
  • Input pulse-shape variable

525K Characteristics:

  • Display range 0 to 999999 with leading zero blanking
  • Overflow condition will be indicated by 1 Hz flashing of rate value and leading zeros of totalizer
  • Indicates rate / sec or min (1/Tau)
  • SET-key resets the counter to zero (can be disabled in the setup)
  • Key to switch rate / total display
  • 1 count input
  • 1 reset input
  • Seperate multiplying factors for totalizer & ratemeter (0.00001 to 99.9999)
  • Operating mode: Rate meter: 1/Tau (average value at higher frequencies)
KEP NEMA-32 for all 1/32nd DIN Products
NEMA-32 housing for all 1/32nd DIN Products