Megger BITE2 Battery Impedance Testers
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  • On-board Pass/Warning/Fail indications
  • On-site printing option
  • 2000 data set storage

The BITE2 and BITE2P Battery Impedance Test Equipment determine the condition of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells up to 7000 Ah. An advanced feature set has been developed that includes Pass/Warning/Fail calculations based on a user entered baseline value, advanced printing functions. The case of the BITE2P consists of both the transmitter and a carrying case for all of the standard accessories and some of the optional accessories, in an all-in-one unit. The BITE2 and its accessories fit into a sturdy canvas case with a shoulder strap.

The instruments work by applying a test signal across the battery string while on-line, then calculates impedance based on simultaneous measurements of current and resulting voltage drop of each cell/jar. They also measure dc voltage and interconnection (strap) resistance to help determine the overall condition of the entire battery string's electrical path from terminal plate to terminal plate.

The BITE2 and BITE2P receiver stores the readings in its internal memory. These measurements, along with other maintenance data such as ambient and pilot cell temperatures and ac ripple current, assist in determining the overall condition of battery systems. Both have the ability to download to a PC for data interpretation and to PowerDB, Megger's battery database management software. Additionally, the BITE2P has a built-in printer to review the active test and also to leave a hard copy record at the site.

Applications for the Megger BITE2 / BITE2P battery impedence tester:
  • Electrical power generation plants
  • Substations: utility, railroad, industrial
  • Telecommunications facilities: CO, Wireline, Wireless, MTSO
  • UPS systems
  • Railroad: Signals and Communications, substation
  • Aircraft power supplies
  • Marine, military
The Megger BITE2 / BITE2P battery impedance testers ship complete with:
  • Transmitter for BITE2
  • Transmitter for BITE2P
  • Receiver
  • Source Leads, 20 ft (6 m), fused
  • Current sensor, 2 in. (50 mm) opening with 5 ft (1.5 m) lead
  • CT extension cable, 20 ft (6 m)
  • Communication cable, 6 ft (1.8 m)
  • Charger cable
  • Thermal paper
  • ac line cord, 8 ft (2.5 m)
Megger 36616 Dual Point Lead Set
6 foot lead set for BITE2, BITE2P and BITE3 battery impedance testers
Megger 246034 CT Miniature Current Sensor
Clamp on CT measures test current ranging from 0 to 150A for use with BITE2 & BITE2P battery impedance testers
Megger 246039 Bar Code Label Printing Software
For use with Megger BITE2, BITE2P, & BITE3 battery impedance testers
Megger 246201 Bar Code Wand Kit
Bar code scanner with preprinted code sheet logs extra information for testing with the BITE2 & BITE2P battery impedance testers
Megger 2001-692 Eight Channel Digital Hydrometer Kit
Measures the battery electrolyte specific to gravity and temperature for BITE2, BITE2P, & BITE3 battery impedance testers
Megger 34943 Probe Extension Kit
Allows the BITE2 & BITE2P to reach into small spaces, extending its reach an additional 12 or 24 inches
Megger 34943-002 Probe Extension Pair
Mounts onto Megger 34943-000 probe extension kit for 12 extra inches of reach for the BITE2 & BITE2/P
Megger Calibration Shunts
Field testing shunt for use with BITE2/2P, BITE3, and DLRO 10/10X/10HD/10HDX