Megger 247002 DLRO Micro-ohmmeter
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  • Resolution to 0.1μΩ on 599.9μΩ range
  • Standard accuracy of ±0.25%
  • Kelvin-type, four-wire measurement
    • Eliminates lead & contact resistance errors
  • Digital readout with automatic zero circuit
    • Eliminates field test inaccuracies

The Megger 247002 DLRO micro-ohmmeter are a family of highly accurate instruments that provide a simple, practical and reliable means of making low-resistance tests in the field. They also are ideal for production quality control. They operate on the four-wire measurement principle, thus eliminating lead and contact resistances. With basic accuracy of ±0.25% and resolution down to 0.1 μΩ, they are nonetheless designed to be rugged and portable for use at the job site. A variety of optional test leads and calibration resistance standards are offered for use with DLROs.

This model provides an extra range, 0 to 599.9 μΩ, for applications requiring 0.1 μΩ resolution. It also features a current-reversing switch to average out any voltage offset in the test sample. Captive wing nuts are also standard.

Operation is simple: just connect the leads, turn the instrument on and read the measurement directly from the digital LED display. No warm-up is required.

Applications for the Megger 247002 DLRO:

  • Switch and circuit breaker contacts
  • Transformers and generators
  • Motor windings
  • Busbar and other joints
  • Aircraft, rail and pipe bonds
  • Cable splices, welds and fuses
  • Metal alloys
  • Graphite electrodes and other composites
  • Wire and cable

Test Leads

Megger 241005 / 242005 Test Lead Set
Kelvin clips 0.5in (1.3cm), gold plate or silver plate options, 7ft of cable
Megger 242002 Test Lead Set
Spacing between P and C probe tips 0.35in, Max test current 10A
Megger Replaceable Needle Points
Max test current, 7ft in length
Megger 242004 Test Lead Set
Clamp capacity 2in, Max test current 10Aanvil insulated from the clamp
Megger 242006 Test Lead Set
Kelvin clips 1.5in (4cm), Max test current 10A
Megger 242009 Test Lead Set
10A, 18ft duplex test leads & helical hand spikes with spring points & push button switch on the probe to initiate reading
Megger 242011 Test Lead Set
Helical spring point leads, Spacing between P and C 0.4in, Max test current 10A


Please consider these optional accessories.

Megger 242144 Test Lead Set
Lead set with 100A max test current, a potential lead set is required to complete the Kelvin pair
Megger 18313 Carrying Case
Carrying case for DLRO Leads