• Measure or source 0.01 Hz to 50 kHz
  • CPM, CPH and totalizing counter
  • Sine, square and triangular waveforms
  • mA measure, switch test and 24V loop power
  • Large backlit display, menu driven interface
  • HART loop resistor
  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Compact, simple to use, easy to carry
  • Convenient, one-handed operation
  • Secure grip, impact resistant, elastomer protected
  • Plug/play connector for Intelligent Digital Output Sensors (IDOS) Universal Measurement Modules

The GE Druck DPI 841 frequency loop calibrator measures or sources Hz, kHz, CPM, CPH, and pulses. GE Druck DPI 841 frequency loop calibrator is the ideal calibration tool for process technicians and electronic engineers because of it's highly accurate calibration standard and versatility. Dedicated features facilitate test and maintenance of electronic circuits and frequency instruments including frequency meters, batch counters, tachometers, motion pickups, integrators, and flow meters.

Every GE Druck DPI 841 frequency loop calibrator has an IDOS (Intelligent Digital Output Sensor) compatible port for connecting remote IDOS measurement modules. These include pressure sensors with ranges available from 1 psi to 10,000 psi. IDOS measurement modules are interchangeable between any IDOS compatible instruments without calibration or set-up. They are true "plug and play" modules.

The GE Druck DPI 841 frequency loop calibrator contains multiple advanced features to increase versatility and reliability:

  • Automatic Trigger: Detects the best value regardless of waveform or amplitude
  • Frequency Scaling: Reads in process units; e.g. flow or revolutions/minute
  • Programmable Step and Ramp Outputs: Simplify calibration and diagnostics
  • Adjustable "Nudge" Value: Provides an incremental output for setting switches, relays, trips, and alarms
  • Advanced Features: Hold, maximum/minimum/average (with time stamp), scaling, tare (offset), and damping filter facilitate system checks and troubleshooting

Applications for the GE Druck DPI 841 Frequency Loop Calibrator

  • Pressure test and maintenance
  • Transmitter calibration
  • Loop set-up and diagnostics
  • Switch testing