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  • Simultaneous 24 V loop power and mA measurement
  • HART mode setting with loop power (250 OHM resistance)
  • SIMULATE (SINK) function simulates transmitters
  • 4-20 mA span/step/auto-step/sweep output
  • High accuracy signal measurement: DC mA 0.05%/30.000 mA
  • Handheld DMM function
  • Peak/Hold function for DCS power peak-to-peak measurement
  • Dedicated sensor modes for direct reading of many sensor signal types
  • Current terminal shutter prevents incorrect connections
  • Sensor function handles AC load current measurement
  • Meets 600 V CAT. IV, 1000 V CAT. III safety standards

The Yokogawa CA450 process multimeter is an on-site measuring instrument that combines the functionality of a digital multimeter for basic measurements such as voltage, current, and resistance, with a 4-20mA loop calibrator for electrical and process measurements. With specialized functions for repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting of plant equipment, the Yokogawa CA450 is a single-unit, on-site measuring solution that reduces the engineering load and improves plant efficiency by accomplishing tasks that have traditionally required two on-site measuring instruments.

The CA450 is a true RMS digital multimeter with a basic accuracy of 0.05% and dedicated sensor modes for direct inputs from sensors such as AC/DC clamp probes. In addition, the meter incorporates a number of process-related features including loop check and 4-20 mA output generation and measurement functions.

With the loop check function, designed for tests on 2-wire transmitters, the CA450 supplies 24 VDC power to the transmitter and measures the DC output in milliamperes to an accuracy of 0.05% up to 30 mA. A HART mode with loop power and 250 ohm resistance allows HART and BRAIN communications to be tested. A transmitter simulator function allows transmitter I/O to be checked by drawing in ('sinking') designated currents from the external voltage generators of the instrumentation. The 4-20 mA generator output includes span, step, auto-step and sweep capabilities.

The CA450 can also be used to carry out operating checks and adjustments on valve positioners, including zero span adjustment, response testing using the auto-step function, and tests for hunting, sticking/slipping and valve open/close errors. Controller programs can also be verified using the CA450's 4-20 mA step generation function, which switches between 4 and 20 mA in 4mA output steps.

Electrical measurements include power supply peak-to-peak measurement with instantaneous detection in the DC voltage measurement mode, and AC/DC current measurement up to 180 A AC and 3000 A AC in sensor mode. The CA450 can also be used to check panel meters for correct connection, reproducibility and errors. The CA450 features a safe design with current terminal shutters to protect both the operator and the instrument against incorrect connection. It conforms to the 600 V CAT. IV and 1000 V CAT. III standards. An optional adapter allows the instrument to be linked with a PC, with data transferred via an infrared USB interface.

The Yokogawa CA450 process multimeters ship complete with:

  • Batteries
  • Test leads
  • Lead cables
  • Fuses
  • Instructional manual

Measurement Functions

Specification Range Accuracy
DC Voltage 600.0 mV to 1000 V 0.09% rdg+1 dgt
AC Voltage 600.0 mV to 1000 V 0.5% rdg+5 dgt
DC Current 30.000 mA 0.05% rdg+2 dgt
30.000 mA 0.05% rdg+2 dgt
Impedance 600.0Ω to 60.00 MΩ 0.2% rdg + 1 dgt
Frequency 199.99 Hz to 19.999 kHz 0.005% rdg + 1 dgt
Diode Test 2.000 V 1% rdg + 2 dgt
Continuity Beeps under 50 ±30Ω
Display Update 2.5 to 5 times per second
Data Hold Yes
Peak Hold (DCV) Yes
Standard Deviation Yes
Max/Min Yes

Source Functions

Specification Range Accuracy
DC Current 0.001 to 25.000mA 0.05% to span of 20.000mA
Simulate (sink) 0.001 to 25.000mA 0.05% to span of 20.000mA
Loop Power Function 24V with 250Ω resistance ON/OFF function
Auto-step Yes
Auto-sweep Yes
Step (manual) Yes


Specification Details
Safety Standard EN61010/1000VCAT III, 600VCAT IV
Communication (optional) IR-USB
Backlight Yes
Operating temperature -20 to +55°C

Test Leads

Yokogawa Test Leads
1000V CAT-III, 600V CAT-IV test leads with alligator clips for Yokogawa multimeters
Yokogawa TY500/700 and CA450 Test Leads
1000V CATIII, 600V CAT IV 1 Set Red/Black for Yokogawa multimeters


Yokogawa 92015 DMM Communication Package
USB Communication Adapter, Cable, and Application Software


Yokogawa Carrying Case
Hard carrying case for Yokogawa multimeters


Please consider these optional accessories.

Yokogawa 99031 1-5V Adapter Set
Converts 4-20mA to 1-5V
Yokogawa NIST Certificate
NIST traceable calibration certificate for CA71, CA150, or CA450 calibrator