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  • 10 Pa to 10 hPa measuring range
  • Automatic zero-point adjustment
  • High precision at low 10 Pa pressure
  • Flat housing for flush surface mounting specifically for cleanroom wall
  • Display and optical alarm
  • Ethernet, relay and analog outputs
  • High system stability with transmitter self-monitoring and early warning function
  • P2A software available for setting/adjusting parameters and data analysis
  • Scalability of ±50% of the measuring range value and free scalability within the measuring range
  • Configurable alarm management with adjustable reponse delay and alarm acknowledgement


The Testo 6383 differential pressure transmitter was developed specifically for monitoring low differential pressures in the 10 Pa to 10 hPa range. In environments such as cleanrooms and operating rooms, where maintaining positive pressure to prevent contaminated air from entering critical areas is mandatory, high demands are put on monitoring equipment. The Testo 6383 differential pressure transmitter features automatic zero-point adjustment resulting in high accuracy and excellent long-term which meets the needs these environments require.

The Testo 6383 is available with an optional internal or external, humidity and temperature probe so pressure, humidity and temperature can all be monitored with one instrument. The Testo 6383 differential pressure transmitter features a surface flush installation so the it can be easily installed in any cleanroom wall. The Testo 6383 is compatible with P2A software which allows for parameterization of unit and scale, sensor adjustment, analog output adjustment and adjustment history which can all be transferred to a PC for data storage and analysis.