• Testo 6341/6343
    • 0 to 10 Pa pressure range
    • Zero point drift /Automatic zero point adjustment
    • No temperature dependency - automatic zeroiong is performed at process temperature
    • Overload-proof
    • Optional display - Ordered as 6343
  • Testo 6342/6344
    • 0 to 50 Pa pressure range
    • Very low zero point drift and very good long-term stability due to optimized measurement cell
    • Very low temperature dependency - temperature compensated measurement cell
    • Optional display - Ordered as 6344


The Testo 6340 series differential pressure transmitters are an excellent choice for cleanrooms, operating rooms or any environment where low differential pressures must be maintained to avoid in-flow of potentially contaminated air. Conventional differential pressure transmitters require frequent and costly recalibration to ensure accuracy. The Testo 6340 series differential pressure transmitters (Model 6341/6343 only) are equipped with automatic zero point adjustment, eliminating the need for frequent calibration. The solenoid valves vent both sides of the pressure measurement cell in an hourly cycle. Consquently the microprocessor automatically corrects the zero signal resulting in high stability.

The Testo 6341 differential pressure transmitter features zero-point drift, high long-term stability and reproducibility, no temperature dependency (automatic zeroing is performed at process temperature) and is overload-proof. If greater than 140% of the measurement range is applied, the solenoid valves close and the cell and vented on both sides. The Testo 6341 is available with an optional display which is ordered as the Testo 6343.

The Testo 6342 differential pressure transmitter features very low zero-point drift as well as very good long-term stability and reproducibility from the optimized measurement cell. The Testo 6342 has a very low temperature dependency and is available with an optional display which is ordered as the Testo 6344.

Testo 6340 Series Differential Pressure Transmitter Specifications

Feature Testo 6341/6343 Testo 6342/6344
Display 6343 only 6344 only
Measuring Range 0 to 10 Pa
0 to 1 mbar
0 to 04 inch H2O
0 to 50 Pa
0 to 5 mbar
0 to 02 inch H2O
Usable Measurement Range -5% to 110% of fsv -5% to 105% of fsv
Measuring Medium Air, non-aggressive gases Air, non-aggressive gases
Housing (ABS plastic) 6341: 120x122x85mm
6343: 120x122x105mm
6342: 80x120x73mm
6344: 120x122x75mm
Overload 200 times (above 25 mbar: 6 bar) 10 times (above 200 mbar: 2 times)
Zero Point Drift None (automatic zero point adjustment) 0.5% of full scale value/year