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  • Absolute pressure ranges up to 100 mWC
  • Cable options available
  • For shallow or deep well water applications
  • Rugged 316L stainless steel construction
  • Just 16 mm in diameter
  • Free software increases versatility
  • Logs up to 57,000 measured values

Keller's DCX-18 ECO is an autonomous, rechargeable battery powered level and temperature logger ideal for shallow or deep well water logging applications. Utilizing proven pressure sensor technology and advanced microprocessor-based electronics, the DCX-18 ECO is designed and constructed to provide years of trouble-free service under the most demanding conditions while providing an ideal solution to disposable data loggers.

The DCX-18 ECO is available in pressure ranges from 10 to 100 mWC. The measured values are mathematically compensated for all linearity and temperature errors of the pressure sensor. The non-volatile memory ensures high data security while storing up to 57,000 user-specified data points. Data capture is accomplished by periodic data transfer to a laptop or Pocket PC (Windows CE) or, for remote installations, by GSM modem technology.

The sensor, electronics and the rechargeable battery of the DCX-18 ECO are housed in a fully welded stainless steel tube for submersible deployment. The rechargeable battery, which can provide up to 3 years service between charges, is charged via a USB connection during data retrieval. An optional cable is available enabling data retrieval or configuration and charging the battery without removing the data logger. For relative measuring devices, the cable incorporates a capillary tube which enables venting the relative sensor.

Keller Logger DCX 4.0 is a Windows-based software allowing users to configure level loggers and display measurements. The Writer function enables the configuration and start of the logger while the Reader function allows the data to be read out into a file. Values may be graphically displayed, exported, air pressure compensated or converted into other units. The software greatly increases the versatility and ease-of-use of the DCX-18 ECO.

Keller DCX-18 ECO Level Logger Specifications:

Pressure Ranges 10 mWC, 20 mWC, 50 mWC, 100 mWC
Overpressure 2x pressure range
Linearity Typically 0.1% FS
Error Band Maximum 0.2% FS
Resolution Maximum 0.0025% FS
Compensated Temp. Range -10 to 40°C
Long Term Stability 2 mbar (ranges ≤2 bar); 0.2% (ranges >2 bar)
Memory up to 57,000 measured values
Output Interface RS485
Electrical Connection M12 / 5-pole
Battery Run Time up to 3 years @ 1 measurement/hour
Materials 316L stainless steel body; Viton o-ring; Delrin cap