• Measuring range: 0 - 40 A DC or AC pk
  • Precise low current measurement
  • 1 mA resolution
  • Auto ranging
  • Data hold
  • Auto Power off


The Amprobe LH41A AC/DC clamp-on ammeter offers precise low current measurement from 0 to 40 A DC or AC peak with 1 mA resolution. Amprobe LH41A AC/DC clamp-on ammeters feature auto ranging, data hold and auto power off functions making the meter extremely easy to use. The Amprobe LH41A ammeter has a CAT III 300 V safety rating.

Amprobe LH41A AC/DC Clamp-on Ammeter Specifications

Electrical Data (All accuracies stated at 23°C ±1°C)
Measuring range 0 - 40 A DC or AC pk
Autoranging 4 A/40 A
Resolution 1 mA in 4 A range
  10 mA in 40 A range
Basic accuracy ± 1.3% + 5 digits
Temperature coefficient ±0.05 % of rdg/°C
Frequency range 40 Hz to 400 Hz in AC
Overload capacity 150 A
Safety rating CAT III, 300 V