• Accuracy includes non-linearity, hysteresis, & non-repeatability
    • ±0.1% FS Static (25°C)
    • ±0.25% FS Total Error Band (TEB)
  • 0.63 inch outside diameter
  • Built-in surge protection protects from fast-rising transients
  • Ranges available from 0 to 3 up to 900ftWC
  • 316L SS, Polyamide, & Fluorocarbon wetted materials
  • -10 to 60ºC operating temperature
  • IP68 environmental protection
  • 2-year warranty covers defects in materials & workmanship
  • Built in the USA (ARRA Section 1605 Compliant); CE certified


The Keller Microlevel submersible level transmitter has the smallest diameter in its class. At only 0.63", it is specifically designed for applications that demand small size and high performance. The Microlevel combines piezoresistive silicon sensor technology with Keller's state-of-the-art signal conditioning circuitry to make a very reliable transmitter with excellent Total Error Band (TEB) accuracy over a wide compensated temperature range. Standard dual outputs simplify interface to controls, data collection, and telemetry systems.

The ability of the Microlevel to achieve this performance day after day, across varied operating conditions, makes it the ideal solution for ground water level measurement and environmental monitoring applications. The user-rangeable analog output ensures compatibility as requirements change and the RS485 modified-MODBUS compatible interface allows up to 128 transmitters on a single bus.

In Stock

Part Number Pressure Range Cable Length Price Available
0 to 50
140 feet
$926.00 10 in stock
0 to 20
70 feet
$810.50 5 in stock
0 to 500
500 feet
$1,520.00 1 in stock
0 to 60
325 feet
$1,231.25 1 in stock

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