• Diameter of Measurable Conductor: 1.3” or 34 mm max
  • Operating Temperature: -14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
  • Operating Humidity: < 90% @ 10 to 30°C; < 75% @ 30 to 40°C
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0.01%°C (<18°C or > 28°C)
  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V safety ratings


The Fluke 374 True RMS clamp meter can read up to 600 V and 600 A in both AC and DC modes. Additionally, the Fluke 374 is compatible with the new iFlex flexible current probe (sold separately), which expands the measurement range to 2500A AC.

Proprietary inrush measurement technology is used by the Fluke 374 True RMS clamp meter to filter out noise and capture the motor starting current exactly as the circuit protection sees it. The ergonomic design of the Fluke 374 allows it to fit in your hand and this clamp meter can be used while wearing personal protective equipment. Fluke 374 True RMS AC/DC clamp meters feature CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V safety ratings.

The Fluke 374 True RMS clamp meter ships complete with:

  • Instruction card
  • Safety information sheet
  • Soft carrying case
  • Test leads (TL75)
  • (2) AA alkaline batteries



Test Leads




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