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  • Detect a 5 psi leak from a 0.005in hole, 40ft away
  • Any gas, despite chemical property or concentration
  • Detects internal leaks in
    • Steam traps, valves, solenoids, pumps etc.
  • Unique AudioZoom volume control
  • Airborne sensor sensitivity: -80db/V-µbar
  • Airborne frequency response: 34 to 42 kHz
  • Touch probe frequency response: 16 to 24 kHz
  • Audio output: 0 Hz to 4 kHz
  • Battery: 9V

What's in the Box

  • Noise attenuating headphones
  • Touch probe
  • Hard case


The Bacharach Tru Pointe 1100 is a state-of-the-art digital ultrasonic inspection system for leak detection, mechanical inspection and troubleshooting. The principle of operation of the Tru Pointe 1100 is based on the ultrasonic acoustics produced by the turbulent flow of gases and liquids in leaks, both internal and external. The Tru Pointe 1100 incorporates two independent sensors that identify external (airborne) leaks and internal (structural) leaks of any gas.

The Bacharach Tru Pointe 1100 accurately detects ultrasounds generated by leaks which are inaudible to humans and pinpoints them at the speed of sound. Ultrasound from leaks or mechanical problems, like bearing wear, is translated into audible tones by an electronic process called heterodyning where they can be heard in the headset. The audio intensity is displayed on dual displays - a bar graph with peak hold and an alphanumeric multifunctional display. Independent sensitivity and volume controls allow the user to 'tune' into a sound through the unique AudioZoom feature and on-the-fly sensitivity changes.

The Bacharach Tru Pointe 1100 detects airborne leaks or electrical arcing in the frequency band of 34 kHz to 42 kHz and 16 kHz to 24 kHa for internal leaks or bearing wear using the patented internal touch probe sensor. The user can easily toggle between the two modes in four button clicks without having to reset any previous selections.

The Bacharach Tru Pointe 1100 ultrasonic leak detector is also available as a kit with the SoundBlaster ultrasonic sound generator which artificially pressurizes rooms, tanks and other enclosures with sound that the Tru Pointe 1100 can detect thus helping to locate leaks.