• Up to 30V and 24mA DC
  • 0 to 3200Ω resistance
  • Up to 10kHz frequency
    • 1V peak-to-peak-minimum senitivity
  • Combine with a 750PEx module for pressure
  • Store frequently used test setups for later use
  • 2-channel simultaneous source and measure capability
  • Power transmitters with internal loop supply
  • ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIB 171°C KEMA 04ATEX 1303X
  • I.S. Class I, Div 1 Groups B-D, 171°C compliance
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What's in the Box

  • AC72 alligator clips
  • Stackable test leads
  • TL75 test leads
  • User manuals
  • NIST traceable calibration report and data


The Fluke 725Ex intrinsically safe multifunction calibrator is powerful yet easy-to-use. Combined with one of the Fluke 750PEx pressure modules, it's able to calibrate almost any process instrument likely to need service in an area where explosive gases may be present.

The 725Ex split display lets you view input and output values simultaneously. For valve and I/P tests, you can source mA while measuring pressure. It also has auto-stepping and auto-ramping for remote testing, plus 25% stepping for fast linearity tests.




Test Leads




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