Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator



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  • Up to 30V and 24mA DC
  • 0 to 3200Ω resistance
  • Up to 10kHz frequency
    • 1V peak-to-peak-minimum senitivity
  • Combine with a 750PEx module for pressure
  • Store frequently used test setups for later use
  • 2-channel simultaneous source and measure capability
  • Power transmitters with internal loop supply
  • ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIB 171°C KEMA 04ATEX 1303X
  • I.S. Class I, Div 1 Groups B-D, 171°C compliance

What's in the Box

  • AC72 alligator clips
  • Stackable test leads
  • TL75 test leads
  • User manuals
  • NIST traceable calibration report and data

The Fluke 725Ex intrinsically safe multifunction calibrator is powerful yet easy-to-use. Combined with one of the Fluke 750PEx pressure modules, it's able to calibrate almost any process instrument likely to need service in an area where explosive gases may be present.

The 725Ex split display lets you view input and output values simultaneously. For valve and I/P tests, you can source mA while measuring pressure. It also has auto-stepping and auto-ramping for remote testing, plus 25% stepping for fast linearity tests.


Fluke K-Type Extension Wire Kit
9.84ft (3m) of thermocouple wire and 1 pair of male/female mini-connectors for 500°F (260°C) maximum continuous temperature
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Fluke T-Type Extension Wire Kit
9.84ft (3m) of thermocouple wire and 1 pair of male/female mini-connectors for 500°F (260°C) maximum continuous temperature
Fluke 80PK-1 Beaded K-Type Probe
39 inch length type-K thermocouple for general purpose applications from -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C)
In Stock
Fluke 80PK-22 Temperature Probe
SureGrip immersion type-K thermocouple for use in liquids and gels from -40 to 1994°F
Fluke 80PK-24 Air Temperature Probe
SureGrip type-K thermocouple for use in air and non-caustic gas measurements from -40 to 1500°F
In Stock
Fluke 80PK-25 Piercing Temperature Probe
SureGrip type-K thermocouple suitable for the food industry, liquids and gels from -40 to 500°F
Fluke 80PK-26 Tapered Temperature Probe
SureGrip type-K thermocouple with tapered tip for use in air, non-caustic gas, and surface applications from -40 to 1500°F
Fluke 80PK-27 Industrial Surface Temperature Probe
SureGrip type-K thermocouple for flat or slightly curved surfaces from -196.6 to 1112°F


Fluke 700PCK Pressure Module Calibration Kit
Calibrate your pressure modules at your facility using your own precision pressure standards

Test Leads

Fluke AC220 Alligator Clips
SureGrip clips inlcude one pair (red & black) of small (9.5mm), insulated, nickel plated jaws
Fluke AC280 Hook Clips
One pair (red & black) of nickel plated clips with SureGrip, hook opening of 6.4mm at the front and 2mm at the base
Fluke TL71 Test Lead Set
Comfort grip probes with silicone insulated, right-angle test leads
Fluke TL220 Test Lead Set
SureGrip electrical test lead set includes alligator clips, test probes, and right to right silicone leads
Fluke TL910 Electronic Test Probes
Very small, 1mm, tips to access hard to reach test points
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Fluke TL76 Test Lead Set
One pair (red & black) of silicone test leads with right shrouded 4mm banana plugs and 2mm probe with 4mm removable lantern tip
In Stock
Fluke TL40 Test Lead Set
One pair (red & black) of flexible silicone insulated leads with sharp needle point tips adjustable from 0 to 76mm
In Stock
Fluke TL26A Test Lead Set
One pair (red & black) of 60in silicone-insulated leads, useable from -112 to 158°F (-80 to 70°C)
Fluke TL221 Extension Set
One pair (red & black) of SureGrip silicone insulated leads with straight connectors on both ends and a pair of female couplers
In Stock
Fluke TP912 Tips
Three sets of gold-plated and two sets of stainless steel tips, replacements for TL910 probes
Fluke TP920 Test Probe Adapter Set
Three pairs (red & black) of push-on adapters: IC test adapters, extended probe tips, & alligator clips with 0.3in (7.6mm) max opening
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Fluke H900 Test Lead Holder
Heavy duty construction with 10 slots for wires up to 0.3 inches (8mm) in diameter
Fluke AC283 Pincer Clips
One pair of red and black nickel-plated, SureGrip pincers which open to 0.2in (5mm)
In Stock
Fluke AC89 Piercing Test Clip
Pierces 0.01 to 0.06in (0.25 to 1.5mm) insulated wire
Fluke TP80 Electronic Test Probes
One pair (red & black), for probing high density components or boards
Fluke TP74 Lantern Tip Test Probe
One pair (red & black), with 0.16in (4mm) banana-style spring contacts and nickel-plated brass ends
Fluke TP38 Slim Reach Test Probes
One pair (red & black) of slender, stainless steel probes for accessing closely-spaced or recessed terminals
In Stock
Fluke TL81A Deluxe Electronic Test Lead Kit
Pouch with red & black pairs of test leads, alligator clips, test probes, tip extenders, hook & pinch clips, IC probe tips, & bare spade lugs
Fluke TLK-225 SureGrip Master Accessory Set
Includes all the SureGrip leads, clips, and probes in a handy roll-up pouch
Fluke TLK-220 SureGrip Industrial Test Lead Kit
Includes small and large SureGrip alligator clips, lantern tip probes, and silicone test leads in a soft case
Fluke TL238 SureGrip Test Lead Set
Insulated test probes, extenders, and silicone right angle to straight test leads for high energy environments
Fluke TLK290 Probe Set
Three flexible socket probes and 0.8in (20mm) alligator clip for use on motor and three phase sockets
Fluke TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads
0.16 to 0.75 inch (4 to 19mm) adjustable length test tips for use in different measurement environments
In Stock


Fluke TL932 Patch Cords
One pair (red & black) of 35.43 inch (90cm) PVC insulated leads with multi-stacking, nickel-plated 0.16 inch (4mm) banana plugs
In Stock
Fluke TL930 Patch Cords
One pair (red & black) of 23.62 inch (60cm) PVC insulated leads with multi-stacking, nickel-plated 0.16 inch (4mm) banana plugs
In Stock
Fluke TL935 Patch Cords
3 pairs of PVC insulated leads, 23.62, 35.43, & 47.24in (60, 90, & 120cm), with multi-stacking, nickel-plated 0.16 inch (4mm) banana plugs


Fluke C125 Soft Case
Zippered carrying case with detachable external pouch
Fluke C100 Universal Carrying Case
Tough polyprophylene case for Fluke meters
In Stock
Fluke C25 Soft Case
Zippered, polyester carrying case with padding, hand strap & inside pocket
In Stock
Fluke C550 Tool Bag
Rugged ballistic cloth with heavy duty hardware, including a steel reinforced frame
Fluke C781 Meter Case
Zippered carrying case with detachable external pouch
In Stock
Fluke C116 Soft Carrying Case
Adjustable padded space with a moveable Velcro divider for protection of two test tools
Fluke C345 Soft Case
Polyester carrying case with movable internal divider and outer zippered pouch with elastic strap and mesh accessory retainer
Fluke C43 Soft Case
Zippered carrying case with durable polyester exterior and two detachable straps (10in hand & 42in shoulder)
Fluke C510 Leather Case
Oiled genuine top grain cowhide with heavy duty stitching and reinforced rivets
In Stock


Please consider these optional accessories.

Fluke ToolPak Hanging Kit
2 universal hanger clips, hook, 9 inch loop strap, and a strong magnet
In Stock
Fluke L200 Probe Light
Bright white LED with 120 hours of life on two 3V watch batteries that easily attaches to any Fluke test probe
Fluke L215 SureGrip Test Kit
TP220 industrial test probes, TP280 probe extenders, TL224 insulated test leads, & L200 probe light in a foldable soft pouch
Fluke L211 Probe Light Kit
L200 probe light, TL71 premium DMM test lead set, and C75 carrying case
Fluke L210 Probe Light Kit
Includes L200 probe light and TP280 test probe extenders
In Stock
Fluke 750PEx Pressure Module
Intrinsically safe pressures up to 3000 psi, digital communication to calibrators


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