• High Speed Sampling at 8 samples per second
  • Brilliant color 5.6" active matrix TFT touchscreen display
  • Available as a low-cost 2 input, monochrome display
  • High Capacity Storage Option
  • Optional RS-232C comm port connects up to 31 units in series
  • Ethernet port option
  • 15-Channel Recording Capability
  • Two-Year Warranty


Rapidly changing processes often necessitate a high sampling rate in order to provide a detailed data record. With a maximum record rate of 8 samples per second, the Sixth Sense Datagraph VX series provides high speed storage for applications with rapidly changing process variables such as pressure and-flow.

The VX series is available with a vivid 5.6" color display or a more economical 5.0" monochrome display. It offers 2, 4, 6, or 12 direct universal inputs as dc voltage, dc current (with external shunt resistor), 9 different types of thermocouples, 6 types of RTD's, or dry contact (event input).

Fast sampling capability calls for high capacity storage. The VX answers the call with the optional compact flash memory card drive. Recording a single input at 8 samples/second, a 1.44MB floppy diskette would fill in about one day of continuous recording. Contrast that to a 512MB compact flash memory card, which would last over 352 days under the same recording conditions.

In addition to the RS-232 and RS-485 communication options, the VX can alternatively provide an ethernet port (10Base T) so data can be transferred over LAN/WAN using the optional Companion or Guardian software.

Featuring an easy-to-use touchscreen programming interface and an IP65 rated bezel, the VX paperless chart recorder is the solution to applications requiring fast data acquisition, low channel count and low-cost.