• Five Models: Preset Totalizer, Rate, Batch/Dual, Rate/Totalizer, and Frequency
  • Easy Menu-driven Configuration
  • Easy to Read 6-digit, bright red 0.56" LED display
  • Easy to Use large buttons with tactile and audible feedback
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 panel for harsh environments


The Sixth Sense CTR2000 counters have been designed to handle a broad range of the toughest engineering applications. The series consists of five models: the Sixth Sense CTR2000 Preset Totalizer, the Sixth Sense CTR2001 Preset Rate Counter, the Sixth Sense CTR2002 Preset Batch/Dual Counter, the Sixth Sense CTR2003 Preset Rate/Totalizer, and the Sixth Sense CTR2004 Frequency Counter.

Each model of Sixth Sense CTR2000 counter fits a 1/8 DIN cutout and is perfect for tight spaces, extending only 3.24" behind the front panel. A NEMA 4X/IP65 rated front panel with a sonic-welded window enables the counters to be used in harsh and wet environments. Plug-in I/O modules can be used for future increased capability.

Models CTR2000, CTR2001, CTR2002 and CTR2003 from the Sixth Sense CTR2000 Series have front-panel programming using a large-button, audible and tactile feedback keypad. The programming menu is designed to be easily used and understood, using a menu made of words, not hard-to-understand symbols or codes. Easy-to-read 6-digit, bright red 0.56" LED display provides high visibility and wide-angle viewing. The Sixth Sense CTR2004 Frequency Counter has a 4-digit display with no keypads.

These Sixth Sense counters are powered from 120 or 240 VAC and have a non-volatile EEPROM to retain all programming and count information when the power source is interrupted. All models from the Sixth Sense CTR2000 Series accept pulses from different types of sensors including Quadrature, CMOS or TTL circuits, and PNP or NPN devices. The optional 12VDC (100mA) excitation output module can provide power for external sensors.

Models of Sixth Sense CTR2000 Counters

  • The CTR2000 Preset Totalizer can be adapted to a wide variety of counting, measuring and controlling applications. It offers several counter operation modes: count/direction, add/add, add/subtract, subtract/subtract, quadrature and reverse quadrature. Optional relay outputs enhance the counter from a passive device to an integral control element for your application.
  • The CTR2001 Preset Rate Counter is typically used in applications involving speed and is capable of counting in four different time modes: hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds (msec). The msec rate mode increases the frequency resolution to 0.001Hz within a range of 1 to 999.999 Hz. Some examples are feet per minute, revolutions per minute, pulses per second, and gallons per minute.
  • The CTR2002 Preset Batch/Dual Counter is a multi-function counter that can be easily configured to operate either in a dual mode or in a totalizing/batch mode. In both modes, each display has separate scaling and reset functions. When programmed to function in the dual mode, full direction control is maintained for totalizing and batch counts. In the totalizing/batch mode, the secondary value (batch count) is incremented only after the primary totalizing count has completed its cycle. Example: one case = 24 cans.
  • The CTR2003 Preset Rate/Totalizer is a multi-function counter that allows the user to track the rate (speed) of a product and continuously monitor the product quantity for a given process. The count and rate displays have separate programmable decimal point settings and scaling values. The CTR2003 supports two independent output channels with four modes of operation: disabled, timed, latched and boundary. Both channels can be reset simultaneously or independently of each other.
  • The CTR2004 Frequency Counter offers a wide frequency range from 1Hz to 35KHz with four display ranges: 9.999Hz, 99.99Hz, 999.9Hz and 35KHz. It offers 12VDC, 100mA sensor excitation and requires no programming. Selecting the appropriate frequency range is the only set-up required.