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  • FLUKE-116/322



  • Fluke 116 Multimeter
    • 600 V max between terminal and earth ground
    • 6 kV peak per IEC 61010-1 600 V CAT III, Pollution Degree 2 surge protection
    • 6,000 count display
    • Display updates at 4/sec
    • 33 segment bar graph w/ 32 updates/sec
    • 14° to 122°F operating temperature
  • Fluke 322 Clamp Meter
    • 1.8% basic accuracy
    • Up to 0.01A and 0.1V resolution
    • AC current to 400A
    • AC volts to 600V
    • DC volts to 600V
    • Resistance measurement to 400Ω


The Fluke 116/322 is an HVAC combination kit designed as a complete solution for HVAC troubleshooting. The 116/322 provides the ability for HVAC professionals to troubleshoot and solve problems more efficiently by providing all the needed accessories an HVAC professional would need in a compact carry case.

The Fluke 116/322 HVAC Combo Kit contains the following products:

Fluke 116 multimeter with temperature

The Fluke 116 multimeter features a built-in thermometer for HVAC applications, microamp measurement to test flame sensors and LoZ helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage. Fluke 116 multimeters have a large white LED backlight to assist work in poorly lit areas. The meter measures resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance. Signal fluctuations are easily recorded and identified with the Min/Max/Average over elapsed time capability.

Fluke 322 compact clamp meter

The Fluke 322 clamp meter is designed to verify the presence of load current, AC voltage and continuity of circuits, switches, fuses and contacts. These small and rugged clamp meters are ideally suited for current measurements up to 400A in tight cable compartments. The Fluke 322 meter also offers DC voltage measurements.

Fluke TL75 hard point test lead set

The Fluke Hard Point™ test lead set includes one pair of red and black comfort grip probes and 48 inch, PVC-insulated test leads with right-angle shrouded banana plugs, recommended for general purpose measurements.

ToolPak magnetic meter hanging strap

The Fluke ToolPak™ - the meter hanging solution. The kit includes universal hanger clips (2), hook & loop straps (2 lengths) and a strong magnet. The components of the kit can be combined to meet most hanging needs.

C115 deluxe carrying case with shoulder strap

The Fluke C115 deluxe carrying case is constructed with durable polyester and includes two padded pockets for protection of two test tools, such as a digital multimeter and 60 Series IR thermometer and a pouch for test leads and other accessories.

80PK-11 flexible pipe clamp thermocouple

The Fluke 80PK-11 flexible pipe clamp thermocouple is designed for hands-free measurement of HVAC temperature measurement applications. Use multiple 80PK-11s and leave in place for route based routine maintenance or use with any temperature measuring instrument designed to accept type-K thermocouples.

Fluke 80AK-A thermocouple adapter

The Fluke 80AK-A thermocouple adapter adapts type-K thermocouple mini-connectors to dual shrouded banana plug inputs. The measurement range and accuracy are probe dependent, but the Fluke 80AK-A adapter is suitable for low voltage applications (below 30V AC, 60V DC).

80PK-1 thermocouple bead probe

The Fluke 80PK-1 thermocouple bead probe is a type-K thermocouple for general purpose applications. The 80PK-1's measurement range is from -40° to 260°C.



Test Leads


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