• VCHEK up to 600V
  • 2V diode test
  • Continuity detects opens or shorts of 500μs or longer
  • Impedance up to 60kΩ
  • Capacitance up to 9999μF
  • Auto and manual ranging capabilities
  • CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V

What's in the Box

  • TL75 test leads
  • Holster
  • Users manual
  • 9V battery (installed)


The Fluke 113 multimeter gives utility users the means to quickly and easily do basic meter set and reconnect testing. This meter is simple-to-use and has the features necessary to repair most electrical problems. Using the Fluke VCHEK LoZ low impedance measurement function, users can simultaneously test for voltage or continuity.