Kanomax Climomaster Series Thermal Anemometers
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  • Air velocity
    • Range: 20 to 6,000 fpm or 10 to 1000 fpm
    • Accuracy: ±2% of reading or ±3fpm
  • Temperature
    • Range: 32 to 140°F
    • Accuracy: ±1 ºF (±0.5 ºC)
  • Relative humidity (Models A531 and A533)
    • Range: 2.0 to 98.0%RH
    • Accuracy: up to ±2.0%RH
  • Differential pressure (optional)
    • Range: -5.00 to 5.00kPa
    • Accuracy: ±(3% of reading +0.01)kPa
  • RS-232C digital output
  • 0-1VDC analog output (optional)

The Kanomax Climomaster™ series is a collection of multi-function thermal anemometers capable of measuring air velocity, and air temperature, with optional differential pressure relative humidity.

The Kanomax Climomaster™ series probes have many great features and are very versatile. The Kanomax probes have an EPROM with calibration data stored in the grip section of the probe which enables you to use the main unit with multiple probes, allows a spare probe to be used when necessary and allows for easy replacement. This is especially useful during recalibration periods and prevents meter down-time.

The Kanomax Climomaster™ series have an automatic flow rate calculation function, RS232C terminal for data logging, can store up to 1500 measurement data readings and models are available with differential pressure measurement as an option.

  • Differential pressure option may extend lead time. Please call for availability

Kanomax Climomaster™ Series anemometers ship complete with meter, probe, operation manual, carrying case, AA batteries and 2m cable probe.

Model A531 A541 A542 A533 A543
Range 20 - 6000 fpm 20 - 6000 fpm 20 - 6000 fpm 10 - 1000 fpm 10 - 1000 fpm
Probe Rod Rod Needle Spherical Spherical
Directivity Mono Mono Omni Omni Omni
Velocity & Temp Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Relative Humidity Yes No No Yes No


Temperature Range32.0 to 140.0ºF (0.0 to 60.0ºC)
Temperature Resolution0.1°F
Velocity RangeModels A531, A541, A542 (20 to 6000fpm (0.10 to 30.0m/s))
Models A533, A543 (10 to 1000fpm (0.05 to 5.00m/s))
Temperature Accuracy+/- 1 ºF (+/-0.5 ºC)
Operating TempMain Unit 41 to 104ºF (5 to 40ºC)
Probe 32 to 140ºF (0 to 60ºC)
Power Supply6 AA Batteries, AC Adapter (Optional): AC100-240V
Battery LifeApprox. 10hrs. Continuous at 984fpm (5m/s), 68ºF (20ºC) with alkaline batteries
Velocity ResolutionModels A531, A541, A542 (0.1 fpm (0.1 m/s))
Models A533, A543 (0.01 fpm (0.01 m/s))
Velocity Accuracy+/-2% of reading or +/-3fpm (+/-0.015m/s) whichever is greater
Additional InformationGives automatic flow rate readings by registering duct sizes (up to 25 duct sizes).
Pressure Range-5.00 to +5.00kPa (Optional)
Pressure AccuracyDifferential Pressure: +/- (3% of reading +0.01)kPa
OutputDigital (RS-232C (Baud Rate 4800, 9600, 19200 and 39400bps))
Analog (DC0-1V (Select from Air Velocity, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure))
Time ConstantN/A
Relative Humidity RangeModels A531, A533 (2.0 to 98%RH)
Relative Humidity AccuracyRelative Humidity: +/-2.0%RH from 2 to 80%RH, +/-3%RH from 80 to 98%RH
Relative Humidity Resolution.1%RH
Volumetric Flow RangeN/A
Volumetric Flow AccuracyN/A
Volumetric Flow ResolutionN/A
Kanomax Climomaster Series Probe Cable
Kanomax Climomaster Series Probe Cable
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Kanomax RS-232C Cable
Kanomax RS-232C communication cable
Kanomax Printer
Kanomax printer for creating immediate record of test results
Kanomax TP-202L Printer Paper
Kanomax TP-202L Printer Paper (10 rolls)
Kanomax Printer Cable
Kanomax Printer Cable
Kanomax Software
Windows based data processing software for Kanomax air veleocity meters
Please consider these optional accessories.
Kanomax Climomaster Extension Rods
Kanomax Climomaster Telescopic Extension Rods
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