• Mounts inside connection head of temperature sensor
    • DIN B or larger
  • Sensor burn-out detection with selectable action
    • Upscale, or downscale
  • Accurate temperature measurement; excellent EMC performance
  • Adjustable for different thermocouple or Pt100 ranges (°C & °F)
  • Minimum J, K, T Thermocouple span: 400°F
  • Minimum RTD span: 100°F
  • Provides a temperature linear output
  • Continuously adjustable and provides voltage linear output
  • Flat design gives easy access to terminals and adjustments
  • High load capacity
  • Two-wire transmitters using SMD techniques for high reliability
  • ATEX approval optional
INOR APAQ temperature transmitters only function when calibrated & require specialized equipment to calibrate


The INOR APAQ-H temperature transmitter is an analog, two-wire, in-head transmitter that has selectable ranges for Pt100 and selectable types and ranges for thermocouple inputs. In-head mountings are available in DIN B or larger connection heads. Designed for highest reliability and cost-efficiently manufactured, the INOR APAQ-H temperature transmitter combines attractive pricing with high quality and excellent industrial performance.

The INOR APAQ-H temperature transmitter features a "low profile" housing, with its protected electronics, which is extremely durable and facilitates easy connections and adjustments.

The INOR APAQ-HRF temperature transmitter is adjustable for different Pt100 ranges in both °C and °F and provides a temperature linear output. The INOR APAQ-HCF temperature transmitter covers five different thermocouple types and is continuously adjustable and provides a voltage linear output. Adjustments are made with solder pads and potentiometers.


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