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  • Output voltage: 85 to 250 V range, 0.1V resolution, ±1% accuracy
  • Output frequency: 45 to 65Hz range, 0.01Hz resolution, ±0.1Hz accuracy
  • Front panel power: 10mW to 100W, 0.1mW resolution, ±(1% +0.05W) accuracy
  • Rear panel power: 100mW to 2000W, 0.1 mW, ±(1% + 0.5W) accuracy
  • AC Current (front panel): 5mA to 1.5A, 0.1mA resolution, ±1% accuracy
  • AC Current (rear panel): 5mA to 10A, 0.1mA resolution, ±1% accuracy

The Extech 380820 Universal AC Power Source + AC Power Analyzer provides standby power measurement (10mW to 100W) for desktop and notebook PCs, LCD TVs, AC adaptor/chargers and any other products that continue to use power when connected to AC, even though they are not in use.

Standard power measurement is 100mW to 1000W (110V) and 100mW to 2000W (220V). The Extech 380820 power quality measurement includes watts, power factor, voltage, current, and harmonics. The cost function calculates cost per day, month and year. There are 99 memory locations for preset voltage and frequency output settings.

The Extech 380820 Universal AC Power Source + AC Power Analyzer has a standby and operation button and user-programmable over current protection (current limiting). The Extech 380820 unit is programmable through the built-in RS-232 interface. While in data acquisition mode, readings are captured to your PC with a user-programmable sampling rate of 2 to 65,535 seconds.

The Extech 380820 universal AC power source + AC power analyzer ships complete with AC power cord, RS-232 to USB cable and software.