• -1 to 30 bar or 0 to 300 bar models
  • 10 mbar (-1 to 30 bar model) or 100 mbar (0 to 300 bar model) resolution
  • 60 bar (-1 to 30 bar model)or 400 bar (0 to 300 bar model) overpressure
  • 0.5% FS typ. or 1% FS max accuracy
  • -20 to 70°C storage temperature
  • 0 to 50°C operating temperature
  • 7/16" -20 UNF (adapter G 14" included) pressure connection
  • IP 65 Protection
  • Intrinsically safe version available


The Keller ECO1 is a compact and economical digital pressure gauge. The ECO1 is available in either a -1 to 30 bar or 0 to 300 bar range and is accurate to ±0.5%.

The Keller ECO1 digital pressure gauge utilizes simple two key operation to access all functions. Functions include min/max as well as zeroing. The display constantly shows current pressure as well as either the minimum or maximum pressure since the last reset. The pressure is measured at a rate of twice per second.

The Keller ECO1 has 7/16" UNF male thread and is delivered complete with an O-ring seal swivel fitting which allows the ECO1 to be rotated through 360°. Only minimal tightness is needed to seal up to 300 bar. Process pressure connection is G 1/4" male.

The Keller ECO1 digital pressure gauge is also available as an intrinsically safe version, 94/9/CE (ATEX 100a). Classification: EX II G EEx ia IIC T6 or T5. The EEx ia version of ECO1 incorporates an additional protection switch. Functions, ranges and accuracy are identical to the standard version.