• 1 to 30V (100mV) output voltage (Res.)
  • 1 to 20A (100mA) output current (Res.)
  • ±(0.5% + 2 digits) basic accuracy
  • 50 mV load voltage regulation
  • 20mV line voltage regulation
  • 100mA min load current regulation
  • 50mA min line current regulation
  • <5mVrms ripple and noise


The single output, laboratory grade Extech 382275 600W DC power supply is a 0 to 30V, 20A adjustable output switching mode power supply. Offering remote control functionality for output voltage/current and on/off, the Extech 382275 600W DC power supply has two user-defined voltage and current presets and one 13.8V/20A factory preset.

The Extech 382275 600W DC power supply also features an automatic constant current and constant voltage crossover, dual 3-digit LED displays, high RFI immunity, and excellent EMI. The thermostatic control fan covers the entire range from zero to full speed. The Extech 382275 600W DC power supply also has over voltage, over temperature, and short circuit protection in a low profile and small footprint package.

The Extech 382275 600W DC power supply is also available in a 230V model (382276).

The Extech 382275 600W single output laboratory grade DC power supply ships complete with power cord.

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