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  • 381626



  • 300mV, 3, 30, 300, 500V DC voltage
  • ±(1.0% +2d) DC voltage basic accuracy
  • 3, 30, 300, 500V, AC voltage
  • ±(1.5% +8d) AC voltage basic accuracy
  • 30, 300mA DC current
  • Forward voltage drop diode test
  • (2) AAA batteries
  • Measures resistance up to 30MΩ


The Extech 381626 pen multimeter with logic test has a large 3200 count high contrast LCD display with bargraph for easy viewing. There is an auto power off feature which conserves battery life.

The Extech 381626 multimeter measures AC/DC voltage & current, resistance, diode/continuity and logic test. Other features include autoranging with data hold and range hold functions. The safety probe tip can be stored when not in use to minimize wear and tear. The Extech 381626 pen multimeter also has overload and low battery indication and is designed to IEC1010-1 Class II 500V and UL listed.

Applications for the Extech 381626 Pen Multimeter with Logic Test include:

  • Field service troubleshooting tool for logic and general AC/DC circuits
  • Research and development and circuit board troubleshooting
  • Digital circuitry testing

The Extech 381626 pen multimeter with logic test ships complete with extra fuses and test lead with alligator clip.

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