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  • 0 to 100% scaling, special scales available upon request
  • 1.8V typ., 2V max voltage drop
  • ±0.05% of full scale (1999) + 1 digit accuracy
  • -20 to 60°C operating temperature range
  • ±0.3 digit / °C temperature drift
  • 3G at 10 to 150Hz vibration

The Yokogawa MLD Field Mounted Remote Indicators receive DC voltage or current signal inputs from electronic transmitters and indicate process measurement values. They are available with analog or digital displays. Both accept 4-20 mA DC input.

Loop powered indicators are commonly used to display process information that is being transmitted to a control room or control system. the display is either analog with pointer and scale or a digital LCD. Their purpose is to provide easy-to-read process values for maintenance or troubleshooting the control system.

The Yokogawa MLD Field Mounted Remote indicators are provided with a standard 0 to 100% scale. Scales for nearly any range or engineering unit are available for a nominal charge. Please contact us for details.