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  • Memory for up to 1 Million readings
  • 2 channels maximum
  • 10 sec to 24 hr measuring rate
  • LCD display versions, 1 line
  • ISO and NIST calibration available


The testo 175 series consists of four compact data loggers for the measurement of temperature and humidity. All the loggers immediately provide a quick overview of the last value saved, maximum and minimum value and the number of times a limit has been exceeded.

All new data loggers from the testo 175 series have a USB and an SD card interface, making readout of the data fast and easy. The considerably higher memory capacity and the power supply using conventional batteries are further plus points of the new products. It goes without saying that the proven one-button menu structure, which offers absolute operating convenience, has been retained in the new generation of data loggers.

In many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, using calibrated and/or certified instruments is mandatory. Testo can calibrate all of its loggers to the highest possible standards. Testo is recognized worldwide for its combination of DKD calibration laboratories, accredited to ISO 17025, for temperature, relative humidity, velocity, and pressure and ISO/NIST calibrations. These are a lower cost alternative to DKD calibrations, and are accepted by many audits in accordance with ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, FDA, VDA 6.1, ISO TS 16949 etc.

Testo software, ComSoft 3 Basic and ComSoft 3 Professional, has all the functions needed to operate your logger quickly and accurately. The loggers can be started manually or pre-programmed to start using date and time. The logger can be stopped in several ways: when a certain number of measurements have been reached, according to a pre-programmed date or time, when the memory is full, manually via PC or using either the Testo 575 printer or the Testo 580 data collector. The wrap-around memory program enables "continuous measurements" meaning the oldest values are written over.