• Uses 10 inch pre-printed circular charts
  • Alarm, control & retransmission functions available
  • RS485 Communcations option
  • FM Limit control option
  • UL, CSA & CE available


The Honeywell DR4300 digital circular chart recorder provides a cost-effective solution for dependable pen drawn analog traces on a 10-inch (250mm) chart. With both one- and two-pen models available, the DR4300 can accept inputs from a variety of sensors and transducers. You can also select a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), Modbus™ communications, or choose a number of software options such as a totalization, setpoint programming, or advanced fuzzy tuning/PID control.

Other features of the Honeywell DR4300 include preprinted charts, universal inputs, manual/automatic modes, optional outputs, fuzzy logic, and optional CE mark, UL, CSA approvals. You can choose from over 200 preprinted charts available, depending on your specific needs. The DR4300 accepts 10 different thermocouple types, RTDs, mA, mV or voltage inputs through simple configuration.

For flow applications, an optional six digit totalizer is available for each input. The optional outputs include alarm, on-off control, limit control, or the versatile PID digital controller. Fuzzy logic is a new feature that allows you to suppress process variable overshoot due to SP changes or externally induced process disturbances. The CE mark gives you conformity with 72/23/EEC, low voltage directive and 89/336/EEC, the EMC directive.




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