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Extech pH electrodes are quality contructed and are Ag/AgCl gel filled for fast response times (95% in 5sec). Each includes a 39" (1m) cable with BNC connection and storage solution bottle or cap. Electrodes have a 6 month warranty.

The following electrodes are available:

  • 601500 Standard pH Electrode:

    12 x 160mm, polycarbonate construction, range: 0 to 14pH
  • 60120B Mini pH Electrode:

    10x120mm, polycarbonate construction, range: 0 to 14pH
  • 601100 Flat Surface Electrode:

    15 x 106mm, PVC construction, range: 0 to 14pH, Ideal for pH of solid products with minimal moisture like cheese, soils or electrophoretic/agar gels