• Reversible display and fast/slow response mode
  • Exclusive load cell measurement transducer
  • Overrange, low battery and advanced function indication
  • Zero Adjust push-button and Peak Hold switch

What's in the Box

  • Hook adapter
  • Compression adapters (flat, cone & chisel head)
  • 5 inch extension rod
  • 6AA batteries
  • Case


The Extech 475040 and 475044 digital force gauges features both push and pull measurement in a variety of units: kilograms, pounds, ounces and Newtons. Extech 475040 and 475044 digital force gauges have an accuracy of ±0.4% + 1 digit for the standard model or ±0.5% + 2 digits for the high capacity model. The high capacity Extech 475044 digital force gauge offers an overload capacity of 30 kg in comparison to 10 kg for the standard 475040 model.

Other features of the Extech 475040 and 475044 digital force gauges include a 5 digit 0.4" (10mm) LCD with reversible display feature to match viewing angle, load cell measurement transducer, zero adjust, peak hold, and overrange. A selectable fast / slow response is also available depending on your measurement needs.

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