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  • 8in to 26.2ft (20cm to 8m) XP88 range
  • 8in to 32.8ft (20cm to 10m) XP89 range
  • ±0.2% of range accuracy
  • 3in (7.6cm) beam width
  • 8in (20cm) dead band
  • Rugged, corrosion resistant PVDF transducer and process mount
  • Compact XP enclosure
  • RoHS compliant
  • FM approved


The explosion proof, two-wire Flowline EchoSafe ultrasonic level sensor provides non-contact level measurement up to 10m in hazardous bulk storage, day tank, and sump applications, and is well-suited for challenging corrosive, slurry, or waste water media.

The Flowline EchoSafe ultrasonic level sensor features an integral 6-segment LCD display, three button interface and a scrolling single layer menu which makes calibration fast and simple. Setup displays the calibration set points. Troubleshooting the Flowline EchoSafe ultrasonic level sensor is easy with unique Setup and Diagnostic feedback modes. Diagnostics provides users with a snapshot of sensor performance and application variables.

The Flowline EchoSafe ultrasonic level sensor utilizes a compact XP enclosure with viewing window and dual conduit ports. The transducer and process mount are constructed of rugged, corrosion resistant PVDF. A narrow 3" beam diameter enables flexible installation in applications with limited measurement space.

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