• Large easy-to-read digital display
  • Measure AC and DC voltage to 600V
  • DC Current function to 10A
  • Thermocouple Type K function for surface and air temperature measurements up to 1400°F (750°C)
  • Resistance tests with continuity and diode functions
  • Manual ranging model (MN15A) with 9V and 1.5V battery test
  • Autoranging model (MN16A) with AC current, capacitance and frequency measurements
  • Convenient mini size with protective rubber holster and tilt stand
  • Data hold locks reading in the display (MN16A)


The compact digital Extech MN15A / MN16A mini multimeter features a large easy-to-read digital display. Featuring AC and DC voltage measurement to 600V, the Extech MN15A / MN16A mini multimeter is also has DC current functionality to 10A. The Type K thermocouple function is for surface and air temperature measurements up to 1400°F (750°C).

The compact digital Extech MN15A / MN16A mini multimeter is capable of performing resistance tests with the continuity and diode functions. The manual ranging model (Extech MN15A mini multimeter) includes a 9V and 1.5V battery test. The autoranging model (Extech MN16A mini multimeter) features the ability to perform AC current, capacitance, and frequency measurements. The data hold function locks the reading in the display (MN16A).

The Extech MN15A / MN16A Mini Multimeter ships complete with:

  • Protective rubber holster
  • 9V battery (MN15A)
  • Two AAA batteries (MN16A)
  • Test leads
  • Type K thermocouple probe

The Extech MN16A-KIT Multimeter ships complete with:

  • MN16A Autoranging CAT III-600V MultiMeter with 11 functions including Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature and Duty Cycle
  • Extech DV20 Voltage Detector + Flashlight detects AC Voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC without touching the source
  • Extech CT20 Continuity Tester Pro with remote multi-wire identification provides positive continuity checks with bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper plus a remote probe with alligator clips and high intensity bi-color LED that can positively identify any two wires or cables
  • Supplied in an attractive storage case that provides protection and organization for the meters whenever they are needed
  • Dimensions: 9.5x6.8x2.8" (241x173x71mm)