• Range 0.1 to 10 ppm Fluoride
  • Temperature range 32 to 140 ºF (0-60 ºC)
  • Resolution 0.1 ppm, 0.1 ºF/C
  • Accuracy ±3.0% of reading
  • Dimensions 1.4"x8"x1.6"
  • Weight 3.8oz


The waterproof, handheld Extech FL700 fluoride meter utilizes a rugged flat surface fluoride electrode with built-in temperature compensation. The measurement technology is EPA Method 340.2 compliant (potentiometric ion selective electrode) and has a fast response time (< 1 min). The handheld Extech FL700 fluoride meter and tester is easy to use for either field or lab testing and its memory can store up to 25 labeled readings.

The features of the Extech FL700 Fluoride Meter include:

  • Waterproof to IP57
  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation
  • Fast response time (< 1 min)
  • Small sample volume required for testing (10 ml)
  • Automatic electronic 1 or 2 point calibration with offset adjustment
  • Large LCD simultaneously displays ppm fluoride and temperature
  • EPA Method 340.2 compliant

Applications for the Extech FL700 Fluoride Meter

  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater
  • Groundwater
  • Air/stack gasses
  • Seawater minerals
  • Toothpaste/Mouthwash
  • Biological fluids
  • Coal
  • Bone

The Extech FL700 fluoride meter comes complete with electrode, TISAB reagent tablets, sensor cap, four 3V button batteries, and 48" (1.2 m) neckstrap.