• Source and measurement can be performed simultaneously.
  • Loop power supply function
  • High accuracy: 0.02% for the source unit and 0.02% for the measurement unit
  • Source and measurement functions: DCV voltage, DC mA, ohm, frequency and temperature (thermocouple, RTD) and 24 VDC power supply function for transmitters
  • RS-232 communications
  • Internal memory for 21 settings and 100 data points

What's in the Box

  • One set of lead cables for source
  • One set of lead cables for measurement
  • A terminal adapter for temperature measurement
  • Carrying case


The Yokogawa CA150 calibrator is a comprehensive calibration instrument that simultaneously signals source and measurement operations at the same time, providing an accuracy within 0.02% of the DC voltage range for both functions.

In conventional calibration applications, multiple devices such as a standard generator, dial resistor, and multimeter were required. Now with a single Yokogawa CA150 calibrator unit, it is possible to perform operation checks and regular inspection and maintenance of thermocouples, RTDs, and instruments. The Yokogawa CA150 calibrator is also perfect for the maintenance and equipment diagnosis of process devices such as transmitters, thermostats, and signal converters.

The Yokogawa CA150 calibrator's source and measurement functions include DC voltage, DC current, resistance, frequency, and temperature (from thermocouple or RTD sensors). Since the Yokogawa CA150 calibrator can carry out these functions simultaneously, it is possible to measure current in the milliampere range while providing a loop power supply of up to 24VDC at up to 22mA load. Additionally, the Yokogawa CA150 calibrator has a sink function and a sweep function with three types of continuous output: step sweep function, linear sweep function, and program sweep function.

The Yokogawa CA150 calibrator is designed as a vertical body with large-screen display making the unit easy to hold and intuitively easy to operate, as individual functions are accessed directly by pressing assigned keys. The Yokogawa CA150 calibrator's internal memory allows up to 21 settings for (source / measurement) functions, ranges, generated values/measured values as well as setting mode conditions to be stored. Additionally, the Yokogawa CA150 calibrator can store up to 100 data items: storage date / time, (source / measurement) functions, ranges and generated values/measured values. Stored data can be checked on the display of the main unit as well as via RS-232 communication.