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  • Fluid path constructed independent from heater sheath
    • Prevents fluid contamination
    • Ensures intrinsic safety
    • Standard stainless steel for material compatibility
  • Quick heating response due to low mass
  • Non-welded construction minimizes potential leakage
  • Replaceable cartridge heater
  • Process temperatures to 350°F (177°C)
  • 3200 psi (220 bar) max pressure
  • Up to 1500W
  • Range of housing options
  • Long-lifespan, low-maintenance design


The CAS CAST-X 500 is a small, lightweight circulation heater ideal for heating gas or liquids in demanding applications. Even in its compact size, the CAST-X 500 is extremely powerful with operating temperatures up to 350°F (177°C) and working fluid pressure up to 3000psi. The CAST-X 500 heater is available in a variety of wattages.

The CAST-X 500 heater is constructed of a helical coiled tube cast into an aluminum body with a replaceable cartridge heater installed in the center. The cartridge heater can be built with various wattages to suit your equipment's changing requirements. The aluminum body serves as the heat transfer media between the cartridge heater and the coiled tube where the fluid is being heated. The aluminum mass acts as a "thermal flywheel" and ensures accurate temperature control of the fluid to prevent degradation.

The heater is suited for applications where fluid cleanliness is critical, because the material being heated never comes in contact with the heater. The unique, non-weld construction of the CAST-X 500 allows it to be used where thermally sensitive materials are being heated such as paints, resins and flammable materials. This is a performance requirement in food service, semiconductor and analytical industries.